Hi friends. My first blog post :) This time it’s about a cave I visited with Michelle last month. Hope you enjoy :)
Opatov is obviously ideal to sleep in, because the 2nd morning we woke up far too late. Been over 9 hours. And it is beautiful, even the dogs find it fine, because we have to open the bedroom door itself. Normally they do that for us, to show that women want out.punkevni-caves
At ease we get ready for departure, and after a chat with owner we will try to find the way back again. Of course with the necessary short cuts which Fatima likes to take us to. But we are now prepared. Today we want to finish near the karst caves, and have chosen Sloup before. Hence may possibly bike to be ridden caves. So it’s nice, because I will work alone. My companion must have none of it underground. if you bury it is early enough to go underground.

For an hour or two, we are Sloup, no longer makes sense to go into the caves today, so directly to the campsite. That is one of the better Czech kind: many tents on a lawn, large fireplace. And next to the football of the local club. But some campers and caravans, and next to the forest. The local drunkard appears to be the site administrator, but despite the somewhat grimy T-shirt, beer belly and some red nose is a friendly guy from the entry as explaining how the site works. Since the bathroom and the kitchen, here fetch water and beer there. You should not make it harder. We are fine, it’s hot. Not like you at home, you may in your own sweat Boil we saw. Here it is clear blue with a cooling breeze. I’m a bit with the bike to the village, at the local tourist office to ask for some information. Did you read that for the main cave (Punkevni Jeskyne) sometimes had to book in advance. No, there is just to sort the info chick. alone is not the one that is as cycling distance of Sloup.

This morning early, not too late to meet the Punkevni cave come. Glad I’m not on the bike, it’s amazingly steeply. My companion and the dogs make themselves comfortable there while I go armed with us last Czech money and a sweater to the entrance. It is from there 2 km hike (sounds much tougher than walking) to get to the cave. Part of the cave tour is a piece of a boat on the underground river, and if you can then take the cable car from the depths. But so far I do not agree. At the information center where tickets are sold is already big in more than one language indicated that ALL tickets for the cave for all his reservations today.

No cave for me so today. Disappointed back to the camp. No sense to reserve a ticket for tomorrow, or go to one of the other caves. Slovakia caves, Hungary caves, so I can always find a good one. And that guide girl can better get go home to find another job.